Molly is a real cuddle bug. She isn’t the typical high energy collie we’re used to, and is really settled on her own for a few hours. Originally a farm dog, she’s very quickly gotten used to her home comforts in foster! She’d be happy to be left for an easy 3/4 hours in large crate, so long as she gets her sofa hugs after! She would love nothing more than sitting beside you all day on the sofa

If you’re interested in adopting Molly get in touch via our form.

Age? 2.5

Breed? Collie

Cast Hair? Less than most dogs

Good with other dogs? She ignores the other dogs in her foster home, she’d probably prefer to be an only dog so she gets all of the hugs!

Good with cats? No collies aren’t great with small animals in general




This teeny tiny girl might well just be the most affectionate wee dog we’ve ever had. She is house trained and very well behaved in the house. She does like the sound of her own voice when she’s outside so new owners will need to be prepared to put some work into this.

If you’re interested in adopting Tilly get in touch via our form.

Age? 2

Breed? Terrier Mix

Cast Hair? Yes

Good with other dogs? Yes

Good with cats? Yes


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